Do You Have Phone Bill Charges from Triton Global or Fastrack?

Phone ChargesHave you recently received an item on your phone bill from either Triton Global or Fastrack Global Billing Networks and are wondering why? Then please read on for a full explanation.

Triton Global Business Services Inc. is a billing services company which handles transactions between telephone-based service providers and your phone carrier. It is important to understand that we do not perform these services directly; we simply facilitate payment in much the same way as a credit card company would.

So, just as transactions and purchases performed via your credit card appear later on your credit card bill, our clients’ use our payment system to allow them to charge directly via phone, adding the charge to your telephone bill instead.

So, when you see a charge from Triton Global or Fastrack Global Billing Networks Inc. on your bill it is because you have used a premium telephony service which uses our company to process its billing transactions.

Examples of these services may be online charges for digital goods (e.g. downloads for your mobile) and services or traditional telephony services such as directory assistance services or long distance services.Read More…

Carrier Direct Billing in Canada

Payment Providers today operate in a crowded and challenging market sector and the acquisition of new carrier connections and countries is essential to expand into global markets and continue to remain relevant and profitable. That’s where we come in; Triton Global takes the pain out of carrier connections in Canada with one simple integration for web, mobile web and in-app payments. We protect your brand working in the background seamlessly with a complete white label solution. This allows you to concentrate on more populous and significant markets while yet securing a strong presence in an important and highly active market – Canada.


A Visual Guide To Mobile Payments History

A Visual History of Mobile Commerce & Payment Systems
This fantastic infographic vividly exhibits a complete and concise history of mobile payments and mobile commerce applications from the beginning of the mobile e-commerce era at the end of the 1990s with the first SMS payments, right through to WAP, the rise of smartphones, near field communications and the mainstream adoption of mobile as the payment system of the future.

Triton Global announces Canadian Carrier Direct Billing for Android Apps

Android App Payments CanadaAccording to a poll by Ipsos Reid Canadians are increasingly choosing Android based devices. The polling company conducted a number of surveys between January 2011 and August 2012. In that period users of Android smartphones grew from 26 % to 36%.In the same period apples iPhone went from 23% to 29%. Blackberry’s share declined from 41% to 27%.

With Android apps growing exponentially in the Canadian market, providing a simple single click payment option in-app delivers high value to alternative payment providers and application developers. The ability for end users to have a quick and easy checkout has a dramatic impact on conversion rates. The fewer steps that are in the checkout process the better and Triton’s single click solution using carrier direct mobile billing is an ideal fit letting consumers purchase digital content, unlock functionality in an app, pay for one-time charges, or add almost anything to the application experience.Read More…