Voice Mobile Marketing Solutions

Solutions for Mobile Marketers

Mobile marketers and brand advertisers understand the value of voice communication as part of their campaigns and client engagement strategies.

As the field of mobility is ever-changing, with exciting new developments occurring on an often-daily basis, Triton forges ever ahead in search of new partnerships, new horizons and lucrative new services and solutions to better benefit our clients.

Our partnership with Mobile Direct Response (MDR) brings Sayit To Mobile to Canada, a complete new opportunity for mobile marketing companies and brand advertisers. The product allows a consumer to dial #250 anywhere in Canada and the USA and then say a spoken keyword (.e.g. BRAND Name) to the # 250 code to reach a desired service.

Speech as a mobile interface has gone mainstream and therefore the #250 application is viewed as the right product in the right place at the right time in an ever-expanding mobility-centric world. Talking instead of typing not only makes sense from a convenience standpoint it also promotes higher responses and accuracy of communications.

Consumers see or hear an advertising call-to-action asking them to dial the #250 code number on their mobile and say a specific keyword. That keyword can be a name, a product, a brand, or the advertiser’s promo.

They dial the code then say the word – what could be simpler?

Mobile marketing campaigns can be enhanced even further by adding an integrated click to talk button to your app or website to instantly connect customers to you client’s organization. This touch and talk system is hugely advantageous as it completely eliminates the need for typing; a highly desirable prospect given current distracted driver legislation and the ideal means for interacting with on-the-go consumers.