Pay by Phone

Pay By Phone

Pay by Phone provides Triton clients with web payment flows or in-app billing requirements the ability to allow end users to pay for digital goods and services by charging the associated transactions to their mobile phone accounts in Canada.

Pay by phone supports web, WAP and in-app payment flows including single click mobile payments provided the consumer is presented with a clear advice of charge and understands the terms and conditions of the service. The consumer must also accept the advice of charge and have a clear notification of where to go to obtain support and customer service.

Alternative payment providers can now populate mobile payment pages on many connected devices whether mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or game consoles. This not only ensures maximum reach but also promotes higher conversions due to consumer convenience and ease of purchase.

Triton provides Pay by Phone services operating seamlessly in the background providing a carrier direct connections gateway and payment processing service while protecting your brand experience and facilitating end-user transactions.

Consumers love pay by phone billing since it is very simple to use and allows them to make purchases quickly with zero barriers to access. As a result pay by phone unleashes the potential of demographics that cannot ordinarily be accessed when only using traditional billing methods.

Pay by phone services are proven to result in more sales, more subscriptions and more conversions and with white label pay by phone billing solutions from Triton Global you can now open up a whole new window of opportunity for your company – starting today.