Triton Global Solutions


With more than 22 years of industry experience Triton Global Business Services has built a solid reputation for providing customized pay by phone solutions for a variety of specific market segments and unique client needs.

Global Alternative Payment Providers who require reliable a partner that can provide direct carrier connections and payment aggregation services.

Application Developers who are continually seeking more effective monetization solutions that will drive conversions and create enhanced user experiences.

Digital Merchants who appreciate the need to convert those consumers that are unable or unwilling to pay by conventional means but who would willingly pay for a transaction at checkout using their phone.

Service Providers who understand the benefit of pay per call or per minute premium rate services that can reach a large population of phone subscribers to support clients over the phone.

Content Providers that require partners with strong carrier relations for market access and reach.

Mobile Marketers and brand advertisers who recognize the value of adding a voice layer to campaigns to increase engagement and conversions.

Participation Media Companies who realize that audience engagement and participation mechanisms are key to driving a production’s success and creating new recurring revenue streams. Now, using Triton’s interactive phone, text and online solutions, they can enable audiences to participate, play and pay.

With a deep understanding of the markets we serve and with solutions customized for these industry sectors, Triton is a partner of value and substance with in-house resources to ensure every solution is developed and optimized for success and continuity.

By combining Triton’s solutions with our sister company Fastrack Global Billing Networks, which provides a coast to coast carrier grade network and infrastructure, clients are assured of service continuity and complete transparency on all associated traffic.

With complete global pay by phone solutions, Canadian carrier connections and premium telecom solutions in both Canada and the United States, coupled with our extensive industry experience and expertise, the company to talk to is Triton Global.