Digital Merchant Payments

Payment Solutions for Digital Merchants

Looking for a highly effective payment method that’s simple to use, easy to implement and will increase your conversions and sales?

By using our Pay By Phone billing platform purchases and transactions become effortless and processing payments is instant – a huge advantage for digital merchants.

Adding Pay by Phone as a checkout option allows users to pay for digital content (or indeed for other digital goods or services) instantly. Consumers can purchase digital goods and services, digital downloads such as apps, games or virtual goods and currencies either though their browser or direct from their phone.

Web pay by home phone or fixed line checkout integration is also available and you will also be given access to our comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboard to manage your transactions in real-time 24/7.

By using Triton’s Pay by Phone platform you will increase revenue and dramatically improve conversion rates by providing consumers with a fast, secure and convenient way to pay using their mobile or home phone.

Providing consumers the means to purchase direct from their mobile is particularly advantageous as studies show a huge increase in mobile-based impulse buys in parallel with growing mobile adoption rates.

As more and more people continue to make an increasing amount of impulse purchases via their smartphones having a mobile payments system in place has become more important than ever.

With over 16 years industry experience and coast-to-coast coverage right across Canada, you can rely on Triton Global to deliver a consistent pay by phone service. To learn more about how you can boost your sales and conversions contact us today.