Participation TV Call Platforms

Participation TV Producers

Solutions for Participation and Interactive Media Producers

In today’s broadcast media industry, where interactivity and engagement forms a fundamental part of the show format, the consumer experience is one of the most crucial elements. Modern broadcasters, therefore, need to ensure they have a scalable platform equipped to handle high volumes of calls. Acquiring such a system outright is expensive and with that system comes the need for experienced technicians to operate, manage and maintain it. So instead many broadcasters opt for a managed third-party solution which guarantees speed of results, reliability, quality and compliance.

As a subsidiary member of the Greywolf Entertainment Group of companies, providing the broadcast media industry with sustainable, recurring, incremental revenue streams is one of the core functions of our business.

Typical applications include:

  • Tele-Voting – vote for favourite competitor (e.g. Talent shows or reality TV).
  • Competitions – participate and enter in-game show or quiz.
  • Information – news, updates, scores, etc.
  • Interactivity – interactive phone, text and online solutions to enable audiences to participate, play and pay.

We provide professional broadcasting and media companies like yours with the network infrastructure to for accessing, connecting, engaging and monetizing telephone subscribers for mass response interactive and participation media applications allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating content to engage and entertain audiences.

Over the years our solutions have helped numerous professional broadcasters not only to increase their overall viewers and subscribers, but also audience participation and profitability, thanks to our experience and know-how.

Participation Media Mass Response Calling Platforms

  • Full featured platform that enables regulation-complaint services to be rapidly provisioned and operated.
  • Inbound call management for mass voting and competition broadcast services.
  • Hosted, flexible interactive voice applications to support audience participation for media promoted competitions and votes.
  • Integrated carrier connections and billing and collection agreements with all Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers in Canada.
  • Our international points of presence and reciprocal partnerships allow efficient connectivity to any global media broadcaster.
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics with customer access to view traffic in real time.
  • Audiences can engage by mobile voice call, fixed line call or text interaction to ensure widest possible subscriber coverage and reach.

With multi-carrier support and compliance as standard for both mobile and fixed-line subscribers across all major carriers in Canada plus premium call and SMS capability throughout North America augmented by prominent global billing partnerships, few companies can match Triton for experience, coverage and scope.

Discover how leveraging our network and expertise will help you realise your audience’s massive monetary potential – contact Triton Global today.