Triton Global Services

Our Services

Triton’s Pay by Phone services form the core of our business. These services allow mobile users and fixed line telephone subscribers to charge digital goods and services and other transactions to their mobile bill, mobile prepaid phone or home phone account.

Our service currently reaches over 25 million subscribers in Canada, currently representing 94% of the total subscriber population. We support in-app payments by integrating our carrier direct payment agreements and service to support single click in app payments and customized mobile optimized payment windows.

Traditional web payments are also fully supported by integrating our payment services to web payment widgets at checkout. We offer complete white label services working in partnership with our clients working behind the scenes to deliver a prompt, reliable and seamless payment fulfillment service.

Premium voice services are offered across mobile devices and fixed line phones. In the mobile space we provide abbreviated dial codes (ADC) sometimes referred to as voice short codes. With ADC you have the ability to charge consumers on a per-call or per-minute basis for voice based services.

Our modern, carrier grade infrastructure includes IVR/IVVR technology, which allows Triton to host various voice based and text-based services. Such services can include hosting premium rate numbers, toll-free numbers, call routing and processing and any associated payment services.

Secure access to our reporting and analytics tool ensure all our clients traffic can be viewed in real-time 24/7 to ensure complete transparency on all transactions.

For more information on our services and details on how we can white-label a specific solution to fit your brand or business needs contact Triton Global today.