Payment Solutions

Global Payment Provider Solutions

The Pay by Phone service from Triton Global provides alternative payment providers with access and connections to Canadian carriers for bill to phone services.

These solutions support mobile and fixed line networks and offer payment services for both one-time transaction billing as well as recurring subscription billing.

Our approach is to provide a discrete billing system which can be seamlessly integrated into the payment widgets or payment pages of our clients. With the Triton Global payments system your business gets access to our suite of complete “white label” payments solutions which can be specifically tailored to suit your company’s branding and needs.

Using Triton’s service you get cross-network and cross-device access with support for web, mobile web, WAP and in-app payments.

All our clients receive access to our reporting and analytics offering complete transparency on all processed traffic and the ability to view all transactions, 24/7.

Triton Global currently operates in partnership with many of the world’s most prominent payment providers, working behind the scenes to facilitate Canadian carrier connections via our own high-capacity network. To learn more about how our white label billing solutions can broaden the scope and increase the profitability of your global payment operation, talk to Triton Global today.