In-App Payments

Payment Solutions for Application Developers

There’s never been a better time to be a mobile application developer. Consumer demand for apps and games is more insatiable than ever – and that demand is ever-growing.

The phenomenal growth of the mobile apps market is due in no small part to three factors; speed, convenience and usability. Strange then that the biggest bottleneck both to consumers and to app developers should be payments.

Consumers are constantly looking for more features, more functionality and more content. App developers, meanwhile, are continuously looking for new ways to meet the demands of their customers while simultaneously seeking more methods of product monetization.

As an app developer you know that app marketplace sales are but the beginning and seek ways to build supplementary and/or recurring passive revenue streams right across your entire app portfolio.

Imagine the convenience and conversions you would get when you remove the barrier to payment completely because the payment method is already right there in the consumer’s hand.

Now, in a matter of seconds, users can purchase digital content, unlock premium functionality, pay for one time charges, purchase virtual goods from inside the game…

The possibilities are suddenly limitless.

Even previously free-to-download apps can be retroactively monetized by using a “freemium” model (free to download, additional content at a premium).

Our Pay by Phone platform is optimized for HTML5, opening up entirely new possibilities for richer multimedia interactive content compatible across all mobile web browsers.

By using Triton’s payment technology you can develop your apps for a single platform and reach consumers on the widest variety of smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

With Triton’s Pay By Phone In-App Billing system you essentially get unprecedented ease of billing through all major carriers coupled with an access-all-areas pass for all Android mobile platforms. To fully unleash the power and potential of your apps contact Triton Global today.