Premium SMS

Premium SMS

Premium SMS is a billing method allowing for the purchase of mobile media or other products and services which are generally mobile-related. Premium SMS can be used either for one-off purchases or on a subscription basis.

Examples of Premium services include promotions, competitions, TV voting, games or quizzes, SMS chat or mobile media purchases such as games or custom ringtones and screensavers.

Triton’s Premium SMS service can be employed on its own or can be as part of, or in conjunction with, our other products or services. For example you might wish to utilize Premium SMS in combination with other premium phone line or pay by phone services.

Premium SMS can also be bundled with our custom solutions such as our hosted IVR service, mobile marketing solutions or as an additional audience monetization method in conjunction with our participation TV producer platform.

Whatever your company’s exact needs might be, Triton Global can tailor a specific service or set of services to suit you – to get started contact us today.