Do You Have Phone Bill Charges from Triton Global or Fastrack?

Phone ChargesHave you recently received an item on your phone bill from either Triton Global or Fastrack Global Billing Networks and are wondering why? Then please read on for a full explanation.

Triton Global Business Services Inc. is a billing services company which handles transactions between telephone-based service providers and your phone carrier. It is important to understand that we do not perform these services directly; we simply facilitate payment in much the same way as a credit card company would.

So, just as transactions and purchases performed via your credit card appear later on your credit card bill, our clients’ use our payment system to allow them to charge directly via phone, adding the charge to your telephone bill instead.

So, when you see a charge from Triton Global or Fastrack Global Billing Networks Inc. on your bill it is because you have used a premium telephony service which uses our company to process its billing transactions.

Examples of these services may be online charges for digital goods (e.g. downloads for your mobile) and services or traditional telephony services such as directory assistance services or long distance services.Read More…