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Strong and effective business to business (B2B) partnerships are a vital component for success in today’s global business environment. It is no longer simply about what you do and what you know but also about the company you keep. If you see a strategic fit in your business model for any component of our business we would like to hear from you and explore mutual business development possibilities. If you have a product or service that you would like to co-market in Canada with our direct products and services we would also like to have an exploratory conversation.

  • We are committed to our partner’s growth with compelling revenue share business models; we provide effective market access and monetization and back up our commitment with creative, cooperative marketing programs, in-house technical specialists and end-customer support.
  • We keep it simple with no upfront investment and direct access to our comprehensive reporting and analytics 24/7 so all our partners can see and monitor all their transactions in real-time.
  • We offer full partnership protection insisting on mutual non-disclosure agreements and our partners are assured of protection of their business interests to facilitate an open and comprehensive exchange of ideas and opportunities.
  • We constantly innovate to bring new leading edge products and services with demonstrated value to our marketplace.

Gain access: Enjoy the benefit of the Triton brand, which commands recognition and respect in the marketplace.

Acquire credibility: Market your Triton partnership as a competitive and innovative differentiator.

Gain momentum: Join the value-add partner program that is quickly gaining a reputation in the industry.

Reap benefits: Team with the provider of some of the most advanced alternative payment solutions in the industry driving growth and profitability for your customers and your company.

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