Our Company

Triton Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Greywolf group of companies dedicated to providing alternative pay by phone solutions for monetizing global mobile phone users and fixed line subscribers.

The group consists of four main business units; Triton Global Business Services, Fastrack Global Billing Networks, Greywolf Entertainment and Express Connect.

Triton Global Business Services provides Canadian carrier connectivity and pay by phone billing services for global alternative payment providers and digital merchants.

Fastrack Networks is a private Canadian inter-exchange carrier. In house infrastructure ensures reliability, scalability and service continuity. Our network is our backbone with carrier grade switching and IVR/IVVR technology.

Greywolf Entertainment is Canada’s leading provider of mass calling audience interaction platforms for television, radio, and general digital media.

Express Connect is a brand of Triton Global and provides a marketplace for digital goods and services. Express Connect contains categories of digital products and services embracing a wide variety of options and choices all in one convenient and secure online market.

To learn more about us and what we do contact us or talk to our sales team.