Hosted IVR Services

Hosted IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response offers a fully automated telephony based platform that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls. It forms the backbone of self-serve applications that allow your customers to access services and conclude transactions. The benefits of using Triton IVR hosted services are manifold:

  • Increase sales and improve customer service by providing 24/7 self-service options
  • Reduce costs by automating routine processes and using agents for higher-value roles
  • Provide low-cost, multilingual support to your customers
  • Manage high call volumes and enhance the caller experience

Our full, feature rich IVR platform supports touch-tone, speech recognition and text-to-speech interactions.

We support our clients with customizable performance reports for call volume, call status, call duration and much more. This allows for comprehensive visibility on all associated traffic in real-time.

Examples of IVR services which we provide include:

  • Toll free call routing and processing to contact centers
  • Voice broadcast services for alerts, reminders and campaigns
  • Mobile Click2Talk campaigns for brand advertisers, mobile marketers and special promotions.
  • Providing local point of presence for international companies

Implementing and managing IVR infrastructure can be complex and expensive. Equipment costs, engineering costs, related installation, configuration, integration and ongoing maintenance can be onerous. Therefore outsourcing IVR applications can dramatically reduce costs.

You need to select a partner, however, that can provide the capacity, reliability and scalability to evolve as your applications grow. With more than 16 years in business, Triton has the required industry knowledge and experience to be that partner.