Triton’s Click2Talk product enables voice calls to be initiated directly from a mobile phone by simply clicking a button which is embedded in the mobile marketing web campaign message. This not only provides convenience to the caller but allows the marketing company to track all calls generated by the product on a campaign by campaign basis.

Click2Talk is a single click button that, when pressed, allows a consumer to interact with a service representative, sales person or marketer. Click2Talk supports both live and automated voice interactions.

Click2Talk is a call now talk button widget incorporated as a call to action to mobile marketing campaigns, mobile optimized web pages or conventional web pages. The button is programmed with an associated toll-free number, or local number as required such that the mobile or PC user can immediately call a service by simply clicking the call button.

This call can be directed to a live agent service, call center or processed by automatically (IVR).

Click2Talk can be white labeled as required for brand or marketing purposes.

More evolved Click2Talk integrations also provide a vocal or video on hold component such that the caller is entertained while waiting to connect. This is a useful feature if the caller is being routed to a contact center.

Click2Talk is a natural way for companies to create a one to one relationship with mobile consumers. Click2Talk ads are designed to make it easier for businesses and customers to connect via a mobile phone call or from a web site while on a PC.

Despite all the bells and whistles of mobile marketing sometimes a simple click to call feature can be the most effective way for brands to connect and convert consumers at home or on the go. For a mobile user making a call with a simple single click is a natural way to connect and talking rather that typing is fully compliant with distracted driver legislation.

By adding a Click2Talk feature to a mobile marketing campaign it can solidify customers and deliver them to your business with much larger conversion rates. We supply unprecedented data with our carrier grade reporting engine on a real-time interface.

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