Web Payment Widgets

Payment Widgets

There is general consensus in our industry that we need we need to “drastically simplify” payments. This adoption would allow consumers to pay very quickly at checkout. It’s evident that even a single additional button press, or a single transaction step can severely reduce conversion rates. Our approach is to support the alternative payment providers with what they need to create the optimum checkout experience where the consumer can pay hassle-free, ensuring the best conversion rate possible.

When customers are ready to pay for their purchases Triton’s Payment Gateway takes care of the collection of the phone information and payment processing with the carriers. Our payment gateway services are simply integrated into the provider’s payment pages as required.

Our white label payment widget services provide seamless integration to our payment partners in desktop web, mobile web or native mobile apps. Using Triton’s gateway widget services enables our partners to deliver mobile payments on virtually any connected device.

For more information on how we can create a specially-tailored white-label payment platform for your company contact Triton Global Sales.