Service Providers

Solutions For Service Providers

Triton Global can provide your business with a one-stop carrier gateway and billing aggregation point for Canada and other strategic global markets.

We provide a full complement of solutions for service providers who regularly service their customers over the phone covering a broad spectrum of industries. Clients include personal advisors, technical support providers, hotlines, psychics, dating and personal services, social media services, booking agents and call centres.

Our solutions support mobile and fixed connections and complete white label payment integration services are available to support brands via custom-designed payment widgets.

Triton is recognized as a leader in the field of premium services telephony billing on a pay per call or pay per minute basis. Complete transparency on all transactions is provided with 24/7 support to our reporting and analytics tool.

We can provide these services for you on a discrete, white-label basis or specially tailor a suite of services to suit your business. For more information please contact the Triton Global sales team.