Triton Partners with Mobile Direct Response to deliver Sayit To Mobile in Canada

Mobile Direct Response is a unique product that allows a consumer to dial #250 anywhere in Canada and the USA and then say a spoken keyword .e.g. a brand or promo name to the #250 code to reach a desired service and therefore voice enable interactions that traditionally would necessitate typed interactions on a keypad.

Speech as a mobile interface has gone mainstream, fuelled largely by distracted driver legislation and consequently the #250 application is viewed as the right product in the right place at the right time in an ever-expanding mobility-centric world.

Talking instead of typing not only makes sense from a convenience and indeed safety standpoint but also promotes higher responses and accuracy of communications.

Triton has partnered with Mobile Direct Response (MDR) to provide an unsurpassed mobile marketing platform that combines easy voice access for consumers with contact centers and location-based services that work on virtually all mobile phones.Read More…