call voicemail

Call Voicemail

Triton has partnered with CVM Communications to introduce Call Voice Mail (CVM) to Canada. CVM is a voice messaging service which connects you directly to someone’s mobile voicemail avoiding the ring completely.

If you’ve ever been apprehensive making a phone call and anxiously wished for a voicemail greeting as you dialled, you know exactly why this app is a genius idea. It strips away the awkwardness of a voice-to-voice call while still providing the opportunity to claim to have attempted direct communication.

Essentially, the app “creates the illusion of communication” without making you actually have to listen to other people, play politics or hear someone else’s side of an argument. It plays into a powerful part of the human psyche – our desire to avoid conflict.

Voice Mail Direct paves the path of least resistance beautifully and the usage opportunities are virtually endless. Basic human psychology dictates that invariably people will choose that path whenever it’s presented to them.

It therefore should come as no surprise that this service has already been a huge success in the United States and Triton Global is proud to now offer the same service throughout Canada.

The cost of each call is $1.00 and is available on the wireless networks of Bell, Rogers, TELUS and their affiliates, and also on Videotron. Currently subscriber reach for # callvm is 24 million subscribers which represents 95%+ of Canadian mobile subscribers.